Thursday, May 31, 2012

8th Grade Graduation

In my day, graduating from 8th grade was sort of expected, and not considered a rehearsal for high school, but here they go big or go home. Enjoy!

Proof she is still our little girl

Waiting to cross the stage

Shaking hands with the district superintendent

Shaking hands with the principal

8th grade class of 2012!

Friday, May 4, 2012

New camera insanity

We bought a new camera. An expensive one. I even broke my cardinal rule about staying away from evil empires and got it at Costco which meant I had to get a Costco membership.


And this sort of freaks me out a bit because they knew my name and email and where I lived and if that isn't a sign of the evilness of Costco then nothing is.

We got a bad boy Nikon D5100 which makes my old compact Sony digital with its puny 7.6 mega pixels look like a Polaroid in comparison. The Nikon has lots of lenses and settings and big words like "aperture" and "F stop" and I am still trying to figure out where to put the film in it.

Oh wait.

We tested in out in the house. Here I am running from the kitchen to the dining room and back. Wheee. Well worth the money, no?

Note to self, why haven't we bought dining room furniture yet?

What form! What grace!

And then we tried color sampling where you highlight a single color and it makes everything else black and white. We are so artistic, can you STAND us?

And then yesterday we went whole hog WILD and took it outdoors to the baseball game and played with the 55-300 lens (I don't know what that means so don't ask me. I call it the "big lens") for some telephoto shots (listen to me, all photo journalist speak).

There is a memory card that holds 5,000 photos (no, really FIVE THOUSAND PHOTOS) and so not only will my life be made better by wonderful pictures, I will become translucently paler sitting in my office deleting the 4,500 pictures that I DON'T want because I left the damn thing in Sports Mode.

Although this one, this one's a keeper.


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