Saturday, March 27, 2010

So why are you here, anyway?

I have a little, free widgit on my site which tells me where people come from that visit me. I get all of about 20 visitors per day (I think most of them are my mom and David from church --hi David!). Oh, and the president of Eli cheesecake came by last week to say hi. I thought maybe I'd get a cheesecake coupon or something, but that's ok. They were still good.

The coolest thing about this little widgit I have is that when people arrive from Google, it tells me the search terms that brought them here. Do you know the two most common search terms that bring people here are:

Organic apple tree spray


egg-shaped lip balm.

Sort of funny, really, since the egg shaped lip balm was pretty much a bust for me, and the apple tree spray ended up being useless due to the poor weather, and well, the blight.

I often wonder who reads what I write, and why they read it. Someone once said blogging is an exercise in meglomania...only You think You have something interesting to say.

I don't make any money on this blog. Those Amazon links over there on the right...don't worry. No one ever clicks on them. I just thought it would be cool to load this widgit, and after about ten attempts, I actually got it to work. It makes my blog look cool, don't ya think? About those Google Ad Sense ads--they crack me up. I post about ADT ripping people off and ADT ads fill my blog. Got problems with your HP laptop? Low and behold, all my ads are now for HP. Funny, isn't it? Say, her laptop practically caught the kitchen on fire. I'd better buy one, quick.

Anyhow, to those who are here looking for lip balm, sorry that one didn't work out for you. The giveaway was a year ago. And to those looking for organic apple tree spray, I say rock on. Fight the good fight. If you find something that works, let me know. I might just post it here in my little old corner of suburbia.

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