Thursday, July 16, 2009

Giant houseplants

Do you have a plant in your home that is taking over? I do. His name is Mr. Ficus.

About three years ago we moved into our new home and I decided we needed a real tree in our living room, not a silk. I knew that a ficus could be tempermental, so I wasn't about to spend a lot of money on one, only to have it drop dead within weeks. I happened up a for sale ad in our work newspaper. A 7 foot ficus for only $3o. I couldn't resist.

After a few months of learning the ficus ropes (the right kind of water mix, the right food, not making direct eye contact with the sensitive plant) Mr. Ficus THRIVED. In fact, he has gotten so big now that I am seriously considering repotting him. Into a 28" diameter pot!

I think when we move the tree will have to stay. Or go to a shopping mall. Either one.

Last fall Mr. Ficus took off. There is now a 4 foot "shoot" off the top, aiming for the top window. The bottom of that half round is 12 feet high.

In some sort of Darwinian survival of the fittest (aside: that isn't what Darwin said...but I digress) this bad boy has made a move to be at the top of the canopy in my one tree forest.
Do we continue to luv the ficus or reign him in? Nature or nuture? Only the hardest questions arise in my house!

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