Monday, November 16, 2009

Free Circus Tickets

Did you know that you can get one Ringling Brothers circus tickets for FREE for your child if you register for it before your child turns 1 year old?

Ten years and seven years ago I did that for my children. All this time, including one major house move, I have kept up with these two free vouchers. Finally this weekend we redeemed them for the tickets and had a wonderful time together as a family. Of note was a change in how the circus was since I was a kid: the onstage magic acts, the more "cirque du soleil" influence, no strong ringmaster presence (the acts were not announced or named like in the past), no trapeze acts, fewer animal acts (elephants, horses, dogs, tigers, and zebras only), no motorcycle act (Catherine was disappointed that the cage of death was missing).

There is a pre show for 45 minutes prior to the circus which I recommend (it does get VERY crowded) where kids can see elephants paint pictures, some close up clown acts, and get to try on some circus costumers.

My DH had so much fun he said he's go back next year even without the free tickets. I'll post some photos soon.

Get your free ticket for your new child here.

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