Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The great house project 2010

Five years of stress and aggravation, temporary fixes, crossed fingers, disappointment, new ideas, new sills and finally new windows. We went with Woodland Windows and Doors in Roselle and they were very good. The crews were knowledgeable, friendly and courteous. They answered our many (many) questions. The only problem we haven't resolved yet is some sash glass is scratched when they painted it (they are taking care of this) and some final touch up paint is to be completed. We are also getting some brass hinges that they did not order correctly.

The process to remove and install them took a crew of 4 to 6 guys working 8 hours per day two weeks to complete. I thought I'd create a little photo montage of the process so you could get an idea of the sheer scope of this project. It was no small thing, in any shape or form. And I am very glad it is done! Goodbye crappy, leaky, miserable Norco windows, hello Marvin Ultimate Casement replacements with low e coating and argon gas fills and 360 degree cleaning sashes. 

The trucks arrive on Day 1

Ripping out the first windows

Windows we never thought leaked actually did.

John standing by with bleach

Nice, new folding hardware!


Bleach. Bleach. Bleach.

My eating area. I like it with the open space actually!

My office windows. This took 8 hours and 6 guys.

Problems unearthed and rectified.

Kitchen chaos.

A room with a very wide view.

French doors no more.

Sub floor disintegrated from water. We never saw this door leak. The carpet was never ever wet.

My garage stall was the staging area. The crew cleaned and vacuumed nightly.

Sometimes we had only two trucks.

Landscapers came by to re seed. Note to self: need bigger roads.

Sometimes we had three trucks.
We also had a whole house generator installed during this time. Because you know, nothing else was going on....

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