Monday, November 15, 2010

Can I brag a little? I am so proud of my guest room

It took 5 years to get this far. And with the endless window problems, it seemed it would never get finished. I wanted one room, just ONE ROOM, to be finished. Well, as finished as it can get. I'm a woman after all. I may change my mind (several times)!

So here is it, the transformation! Everything was gotten for cheap except the bedroom set, which is really nice quality from Walter E. Smithe. In fact, I like it so much I think I should have gotten it for my master bedroom! The bedding set is from Walmart, the white matlesse is old and from Lands End. The lamps are from Walmart and the shades are from Target (I have white and red, can't decide!). The rt on the wall are from Kohls on clearance. The curtains are from Target, on sale, for $17 per panel. The iron scroll over the bed is from Hobby Lobby (50% off). All in all, I tried to keep to a budget on this one.

The pink room.

The inspiration room. Furniture by Walter E Smithe.

The finished product (well, still working on the curtains)

Getting rings for the curtains.


Let's Find H-Man A Wife said...

John: How could you have a pink room in the house?

Weekend Cowgirl said...

Very very pretty! Looks marvelous, darling! Today they deliver a new armoire for the farmhouse so I am very excited!


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