Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Disney World here we come!

Am counting down the hours until we board our plane for Florida. Goodbye 2 degree weather (with -25 wind chill), hello balmy 70's. The kids are super excited, and so am I. I'll be glad to get out of this meeting (shhh!) and start packing the shorts and t-shirts.

Totally changing subjects, but on the topic of Christmas, has anyone used for their online shopping? Turns out I had signed up for an account two years ago and never used it. I got a popup that they were running some cash back (although small percents) for online shopping, and I needed to buy DD some new boots. I thought, what the heck. (No, ebates didn't ask me to write this.)

I zipped over to via and bought some baby pink Uggs on sales for $110 (8% back, free shipping and returns---I'm a Zappos girl so this was a real stretch!) and then over to to get some new winter gloves for DS (6% back). I'm slightly skeptical how all this works, but a few bucks here and there is fine with me.

PS: if you know how to protect these suede boots and keep them clean, please share!!

Anyway, I can get used to ebates. I do almost all my shopping online.

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Elizabeth said...

Ebates and MisterRebates are both cool. I have started trying to go thru Upromise first and if the vendor isn't there, I go to one of the rebate sites. You'll like it! Check out too for killer shoes.


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