Wednesday, May 11, 2011

An update

We went to see the orthopedist on Monday. He did the usual bend over and touch your knees, checked her spine and then went off to look at the X ray I brought. Funny how I asked specifically if I needed to bring it or not and was told not to bother, that they can pull it up online.

You should have seen the nurse's eyes light up when I said I'd brought it with me. "OH thank God, " she exclaimed. "Those are a total nightmare to pull up online."  Plus one for mommy.

The doctor declared DD12 to be a candidate for the watch and wait program of treatment. Her curves were under 25 degrees (the radiologist said 21 and 22, but the orthopedist said more like 20). Since this interpretation was in our favor, I gladly took the smaller number assessment. We come back in 6 months for another X ray to check it.

Could this progressively get worse in the meantime? Maybe. I've read about 80% of curves at 20 degrees don't progress. So fingers crossed.

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Let's Find H-Man A Wife said...

I'm still thinking it's nothing.


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