Monday, August 1, 2011

Maybe every meal isn't a hit

I saw this set of photos and had to laugh. Can you totally tell that Catherine is not in love with the lunch option? Not everyone likes Ratatouille!

Homemade ratatouille! Tres francais!

See that little blond head on the left? She's now hearing the "bad" news....

Sad face  :-(
It can't be all croissants all the time.....


Let's Find H-Man A Wife said...

Granted, she doesn't look thriller but that's a mighty nice plate of food.

Elizabeth said...

Ratatouille is from Hell. When I lived with my French family(whose mom could easily compete on the "Worst Cooks in America, I mean, France") this was one of her awful staples. Tell your daughter to stand her ground and just say "no" to crappy French disasters like rata..ugg, I can't even type the word again! :-)


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