Saturday, June 30, 2012

6 days later summer camp!

Two fast posts in the same day...felt a bit like what we did once we returned home from Alaska....quick quick get the kids packed and ready for camp.

This year instead of foreign languages we decided to try an Art camp, so both children applied and we accepted to Interlochen Arts Camp in Interlochen, MI. It's roughly a 6 hour drive from here to there.

Of course I had no idea Michigan was in the Eastern time zone so that sort of screwed up my timing to get Catherine there for registration on Saturday. We made it. That's what counts.

So in the spirit of short and sweet, here goes Camp: a Photo Essay. Enjoy!

Since we were an hour late (curse you time zone change!!!) we were afraid we'd miss check in. But we made it.

Catherine got decked out in her camp uniform, complete with Intermediate Girls red knee highs

Those knee highs come in handy during the opening of camp event.  (c) ICA

The girls cabins have graffiti all over them dating back decades. (c) ICA

Catherine division is in the trees, across from enormous Green Lake

To the far right you can see the girl's waterfront, with dock and canoes etc. The girls are on one lake, the boys on the one across the road.

Here's William getting dropped off the next day to his cabin. Junior boys wear white socks and blue belts (junior girls wear blue sock or knee highs)

William's division water front, which was right outside his cabin door.

There are 11 boys in his cabin. Sorry for the blur.

Step outside William's cabin door and see this. Gorgeous!

Junior and Intermediate Boys all eat in their own cafeteria.

The boys have a pavilion with Foosball and ping pong (tennis and basketball not shown). William tried playing ping pong another little boy from China. William was, obviously, annihilated.

Lots of adorable practice cabins
Need to practice your piano? They have some for you to use.

Pipe organ practice? Anyone? Anyone?

Painting? Ceramics? Metalworking? Fiber? Bookmaking? Textile? Yes.

The performance venues are amazing.

The main camp itself is like a college campus. As well it should be. The fine arts boarding school that is here costs $50,000 per year.

The place is HUGE!  There are over 1,000 kids there each session.


Do you think they'd let me spend the summer here? I'd totally rock the uniform. I'd look hot in knee socks....

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