Monday, November 1, 2010

Christmas trip booked

I am getting a late start admittedly. Amidst major house renovations, things like car rentals, hotel bookings and oh, where I put my mind, get lost in the shuffle. We typically head to Florida during the holidays, and try to squeeze in a trip to Disney World with the kids. The Good Marie books all of these things in September. The Frazzled Marie books them over lunch at work, deciding on hotels based on Trip Advisor, Google Maps, and whoever has the fastest loading web page. It's been that kind of vacation planning.

We typically stay at the Animal Kingdom Lodge because the kids like the animals. There are LOTS of them there. Go figure. This year I wanted to do something different, and had my heart set on Wilderness Lodge. I tried to book via Dreams Unlimited, a Disney discounter we've used in the past, but the attendant told me the resort was sold out. We were closed out of the inn. (As the Christian Education Elder for our church I can't ignore the Biblical reference here, though I know full well Mary and Joseph would not have paid that much per night.)

I went instead over to Expedia and lo and behold, there WERE rooms to be had a Wilderness Lodge, and with upgraded views, and at 40% off. My Visa went on FIRE.

So in mid December, the kids and in laws and I will be spending a few days in Disney Magic at the Wilderness Lodge:

I got the courtyard view thank you very much Expedia.

With these pretty Christmas decorations in the lobby:

Surrounded by North Woods ambiance:

Yes my North Woods ambiance includes a pool. A heated pool.

And totem poles:

See, it will be just like taking a Christmas vacation to Canada. Except actually GOING to Canada would have been cheaper!

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