Friday, March 30, 2012

The quest for shorts

I've never shopped for, ordered (and returned) so many pairs of navy blue shorts in my life. All I needed were elastic waisted shorts to fit over Catherine's scoliosis brace. She had to have short over, not under, her brace so she can tuck in her camp shirt (a requirement). For the $$$$ I am spending on this camp, you'd think they could give me a waiver on this requirement, but as my husband pointed out, we'd be making Catherine more conspicuous as the only kid not tucking in her shirt. And so my quest begun.

Let's count them off, shall we?
  • Kohls: no
  • Lands End: no
  • Lands End again: still no (Thank you free shipping!)
  • Old Navy: nadda
  • Gap: not even close
  • Target: yes, for William
  • Walmart: Yes

For all that Walmart is Evil, they are very very GOOD when it comes to elastic, navy blue and CHEAP.


I was looking for boy shorts there (which I nixed because they needed a belt loop for camp--Seriously camp, you are KILLING ME) when I found simple navy blue, cotton shorts with a full elastic waist. For $4.97 a pair.

It gets better.

Online, I found them for 2 PAIRS for $4.97. I cannot make shorts for $2.50 a pair. I can't even drive to the Walmart to BUY them for $2.50 in gas.

They arrived today. And they fit. THEY FIT. They don't look stupid. They are very comfortable.

I am one very happy mommy right now.

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