Tuesday, April 13, 2010

$15/$45 at Yankee Candle

Thanks Saving with Shellie!

Get $15 off a purchase of $45 or more.
I recently went into a Yankee Candle store for the first time (yes, I've recently moved here from the Moon). We just have this thing about candles in the house. My husband calls it the no open flame rule, aka we don't want to burn the house down (although trust me, there are times when I think it would solve a lot of home decorating issues I have!). Call me crazy, but that's actually how we do it here.

Have you met my husband?

The neat thing about candles is that they are made of wax (yes, it's TRUE!!) and you can set one on a ceramic dish over a heating vent and get the same smell (and sometimes stronger) when then heat runs as you would if you lit it. I usually set the candle on the dish in it glass holder since the wax will melt (I know, you're speechless) but the sorta of neat thing about the Yankee Candle little "Tart" I bought was that it didn't come in a glass dish and it didn't melt. I don't know why (maybe its soy?).


Anne said...

no birthday candles?

Marie said...

Birthday candles are blown out promptly. It's the ones you leave lit all over the house that is a no no.


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