Saturday, April 3, 2010

Holy cow! Glad I never threw it out!

(Han Solo, I still luv you)

Today we went to the library and my daughter found a book on Star Wars collectibles. I'm not sure what led her to it, maybe it was The Force, but what a discovery we made!

  • 12" vintage 1979 Star Wars Luke doll--I have one in box, never played with--worth $360
  • About 200 Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back trading cards, in a box--worth about $1 each
  • Sets of glass Star Wars collectors glasses from Burger King (remember those?)--I have all the sets, wrapped in tissue paper, never used--worth about $60 a set
Not exactly Antiques Roadshow stuff (do you all remember the episode with the guy who found a 15th century Milanese parade helmet in his attic worth $250,000?), but what a fun find. My kids are making runs up and down the basement stairs to the storage room finding Star Wars treasures in a box and asking me to Google them, and then asking if that's enough to buy a DS. Apparently my childhood treasures have been reduced to booty towards a video game system. Ah well.

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Weekend Cowgirl said...

These days any find like that is great! Hope you can make some money or save till later and make some! I have a few old Starwars things that I guess I need to drag out!


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