Friday, August 27, 2010

My toes are doing fine thank you. Want some pizza?

I've been religiously painting my little piggies twice per day and I can see an improvement. The problem is I'm not sure if it the anti-fungal medication or the fact that my toenails are being bathed in sweet almond and rice oil twice per day. They never seemed so, so moisturized???

Perhaps I will wax poetically upon my tender tootsies while dining on some nearly free pizza from Jewel. I zipped over and grabbed some 14 boxes for $1.93 each (regularly $6 each) and stuffed my freezer full. It's part of the buy some Coke get some pizza for next to nothing (but it turns out you don't need to buy the Coke after all) deal. Since I know most (if not all---except for you Rose and Bill) don't even HAVE a Jewel near you, I'll spare you the details on my pepperoni and 5 cheese and garlic chicken extravaganza.

At this point I feel the urge to tell you I am 5'7" and weigh 128 pounds.

I will not be eating all 14 boxes THIS WEEK.

Thank you!!

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