Friday, December 10, 2010

This and that

It gets like that sometimes. Everything seems to pile up at once. A dear friend of mine complained my blog had been silent for a few weeks, and thus I was motivated to post a little note to confirm I am still alive.

Here's the rapid fire just the facts:
  • Travelled to SC to visit family for Thanksgiving. Ended up also visiting the urgent care center for Catherine and mommy, who each came down with terrible sore throats (not strep) and congestion. Never even got to see the parade on tv.
  • Got to visit with a college roommate and her family at the zoo, the highlight of the trip for my kids.
  • Drove back from SC to IL in one long day. After a week of illness, so ready to be home.
  • Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody cruisng down I-65 at 75 miles an hour, kids singing along in the back, really kills the time.
  • Got to see the biggest, largest wind farm in Indiana. It was like something out of a science fiction movie.
  • Am swamped at work. SWAMPED.
  • Celebrated William's 9th birthday at Biaggis. Somehow the waitstaff came out singing happy birthday to him holding a cake inscribed: "Have a great time in Arizona."  We're still wondering how they filled in the candle holes so the other private party wouldn't notice it.
  • Haven't bought a Christmas present or sent a card, and we leave soon for Florida. Yikes.
  • It snowed. Wait, that isn't news.
  • Oh, and I now need bifocals. It has come to that. I am officially old.


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