Friday, January 21, 2011

Dominicks Cookies Alert: CHEAP Nabisco Chips Ahoy

I was reading this yesterday over at couponerswanted:

If you are a member of Just 4 U at Dominick's (it's free to join if you have a preferred shoppers card), check your preferred Just 4 U pricing on Nabisco Chips Ahoy cookies. Several people, including me, have them for $1.88 per pack. Mine is good until February 2nd.

Currently, Dom's has the cookies on buy one get one free (BOGO), and that makes it $1.88 for TWO packs of cookies.  I did this yesterday and scored 4 packs for $4. These cookies are regularly almost $5 a pack each. (On a side note, $20 regularly for 4 packs of cookies?? OMG)

If you're wondering which cookies are covered (all varieties are on sale), reports are that all are working for the $1.88 price. There was some confusion because the Just 4 U preferred pricing refers to 14-16 oz packs, and some varieties, like Chunky, are in 13oz packs. Reports are these WILL work for the deal.

I thought 4 packs was good for us. It's nice to do a deal this easy.

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