Friday, February 11, 2011

Conagra this and that

My avid couponers who shop at Jewel will undoubtedly NOT be reading this as they are more likely to be whizzing through Jewel snagging some deals than sitting home in front of the computer. But just in case you are like me, and not every item in a catalina rocks your world, I thought I'd share the tiny, teeny, little deal I did:

  • 10 Boxes Swiss Miss  for free: $10 for 10, $26.80 sale price, $10 catalina generated
  • 12 boxes new HC Steam Entrees (I just had the pumpkin ravioli and am in veggie heaven). These were on sale 5/$10, so I grabbed 12 and used 2 B5G2 free coupons, for a total of $10 for 12 boxes.
And that's it. Really? No five cases of HC soup, or dozens of bottles of Wesson oil? Is the deal to become a Swiss citizen no longer in the works?

Not this time. What I really needed was the hot chocolate and the lunches for work. For the rest, I'm good. Look at it this way, I'm leaving the shelves stocked for you!

For more info on the catalina and fancier deals than mine, try mashupmom, one of my Chicagoland favorite bloggers (she makes it easy for us novices).

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