Thursday, February 17, 2011

Expired foods isn't just a Dominick's problem

As much as I don’t like to buy expired products, I don’t like to buy them from Jewel either. I know the current trend is to bash Dom's on this issue, but I’d like to see Jill take her camera and two hours in the local Jewel store. This isn’t just an issue with one chain. At Jewel a few months ago, I helped a an older lady get some peanut butter she couldn’t reach off an upper shelf. It was a speciality brand, low traffic, like cholesterol free etc etc and it had expired 6 months ago.

The following was posted over at Super Couponer Jill Cataldo's website based on her foray into the local Dom's in search of expired:

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cschelthoff said...

I don't believe in bashing Dominicks completely (I like the Woodridge store), but if hundreds of complaints have been posted about this on the Dominicks Facebook page and Jill Cataldo (and then cbs' Dorothy Tucker) was still able to find over 700 expired items in two locations in only a couple of hours, well, this shows that Safeway just does not care. On the one occasion I purchased quite expired cheese at Jewel and returned it, the store manager was appalled and ordered the clerks to inspect every package in the coolers and to remove anything expired. I saw the stuff being tossed.


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