Saturday, June 11, 2011

I think I'll sit in the car

Today's last regular season game was a disaster. I won't mince words. The Dodgers did terribly. They played the team with the worst record in the season (2 and 9) and they got creamed 10 to 5. Poor John had to sit next to me in the rainy mist and cold and listen to me grit my teeth. Ugh. His only consolation is that he was hopped up on Vicodin for his sciatica pain.

I was not a happy camper even knowing the game didn't matter (we still won the league championship) but boy, I am wondering how we managed that after today's game. I found my blood pressure rising with every comedy of errors, missed hit, missed throw, missed grounder and I finally decided that I would just sit in the car and watch the game from the parking lot.

William was the grown up in all of this. He told me later it doesn't matter if you win, but if you do your best. He's right. I was a bad sport and I learned my lesson. From a 9 year old.

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