Monday, June 27, 2011

Yeah, Baby!

It's always so nice when they win. I'm so HAPPY. Of course during the games I'm a nervous wreck and wear through the bottoms of my shoes pacing in circles around the park, unable to stand the stress of sitting through a close game.

Hot damn! Look at those trophies!
Last Saturday I thought I'd have to convince the kid running the concession stand at the ball park to run and get me a drink. And NOT a slushie. It was a messy game. I did a lot of pacing. Our pitcher hit the catcher so hard with a ball they had to carry the pitcher off the field. William took a ball to the head that left him with a lump despite his helmet.  We were down by 5 runs in the second, then came back to tie it in the 6th. That sent us into overtime extra innings (Thanks Bill). 7th inning they scored. Then we did. 8th inning. No runs. 9th inning. Madness ensues. The next teams to play have arrived. There are now 22 more kids clinging to the fence behind home plate, screaming. There are 40 more parents watching, cheering. We are 3 balls and 2 strikes, at bat. Bases loaded. Then their pitcher walks the batter and William walks in to score the winning run. Three and a half hours later Dodgers win! 

Tonight I dropped off William to face the Brewers, the team that sent us into the losers bracket in the play offs. I arrived a little late only to find a frown on William's face. "We're doing terrible," he moaned. They were down by 4 in the first inning. Kids on the bench were crying. Ugh. Awful. Here we go again, I thought. Then they were down by five runs. And then it happened all over again. Our batter sent a line drive into the pitcher's head (holy crap aren't these kids supposed to wear a helmet when then pitch??). Later their catcher sent one back to their pitchers that left him with a blooding nose and face (by this point I was ready to take William home). Two pitchers out of play, the Brewers were rattled and sent in their third string pitcher. We scored or were walked in 11 unanswered runs. Dodgers win 11-5 and earn a seat in the playoff finals on Wednesday.  AGHHHH! Pass mommy a margharita thank you very much.


Let's Find H-Man A Wife said...

Mommy is becoming a baseball fan and that's a good thing. But there is no overtime in baseball only extra innings. Just saying.

Marie said...

Oh Bill, and yet I try so hard....

My baby needs lessons. He swings like a son of a gun, but he doesn't hit the ball very often.

He is, however, very good in math.


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