Saturday, July 2, 2011

I am a freaking domestic goddess

I made these cakeballs for William's end of the season baseball part. Yes, this was my first time (duh), and yes, apparently I must be suffering from some sort of DT tremors because MY GOD my hands shake! In fact, I think if I had had a drink I might have done a better job.

I spent about six hours making these, two of which were between  8 and 10am this morning calling every JoAnn Fabric store, Micheal's, Hobby Lobby and Target nearby trying to find a paint pen that actually works on chocolate (damn you Wilton FoodWriter pens--you SUCK on chocolate). I ended up buying frosting tubes at Target. I must have spent $50 on these things, $45 of that trying to find a frosting that wouldn't run.

These bad boys were the hit of the party, even though I was amazed that no one knew actually what the hell they were. The boys thought I'd made lollipops! Even the moms (who seemed much savvier that I) had never seen anything like them before and thought I'd used some sort of strange, round cake mold.  They had rather a raunchy time asking their husband's if they could taste their balls. Ah well. It didn't take long to descend into that, now did it? (I did get rather a laugh when I suggest they make them in chocolate and cover them with toasted coconut and call them Hairy Balls). Yeah, I guess I can go all gutter-mouth if I need to.

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Mindy said...

You did a great job! They are fabulous! People the world over are going crazy over cake balls/cake pops...they are a hit with my family and friends too.


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