Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Just to prove it exists

Finally I've gotten around to take a few quick pics of the infamous binder mentioned previously. Oh don't be that excited; it's a binder.

The total amount of savings it contains is several hundred dollars. I have many multiple copies of coupons for items I typically buy, as well as a couple sets of some really high value coupons for items I would consider trying if they were free.

Oh, you can forget about and Colgate toothpaste coupons you might see. Hubby as put the kibash on anything except Crest tartar control gel. "I've been brushing with Crest for 46 years and I have never had a cavity."

There are some battles that just aren't worth the savings, know what I mean?

Oh, yes, where were we?

I fill 9 per page, one sided.

Almost all of these baseball card protector sheets are filled.

Just to prove I did do the Dominicks/Safeway deal...like you wouldn't believe me!

There is a nice fat stack of Kraft coupons I printed off the Internet today, three sets, waiting to be filed. No hurry as there are only one or two varieties I am interested in right now. Kraft dressing and those elusive Kashi waffles that my Target doesn't carry.

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