Friday, May 22, 2009

A lovely day!

I'll be taking a hiatus from the blog for Memorial Day. Only popped in to say I ran out to the store (Jewel) to get a few things and was very happy to have saved $70 on my bill (including $25 in coupons). Got some deals, including taking advantage of the 19 cents an ear corn on the cob and a lot of FREE goodies that I'll be donating to the food pantry (I can only have so much BBQ sauce in the house).

I am in prep mode for the big Cub Scout family camp out in a few weeks, so had to run to Target to buy some sleeping bags. Who knew there were so many options on sleeping bags? Now it might be a good time to actually take the two tents we bought at a garage sale TWELVE YEARS AGO and see if they actually go together, or have disintegrated.

I'll be putting the petunias in the deck planters and getting the urns I just spray painted filled with flowers for the front porch. Then I call it quits and summer has officially begun.

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