Thursday, October 1, 2009

EOS Lip Balm Review

Back in August I told you all about a new lipgloss product coming out called "EOS." This week I finally received the product in the mail. I was planning to write some great review of the product, in depth. I ended up with this:

  • A round lip gloss reminds EVERYONE who sees it of roll-on deodorant ( BAN specifically)
  • A round lip gloss is pretty near impossible to put on neatly; the ball is simply too wide.
  • A round lip gloss cannot be tucked into your jeans pocket. You end up looking like you've got some new growth
Yes, it's cute.
Yes, it's minty.
Yes, it was free.

But would I BUY this?


And that's about the most important thing this review has to say.

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