Monday, October 12, 2009

Two crazy weeks

I just realized it's been almost two weeks since my last post. I have only one excuse:

Middle School

No, I haven't been demoted but I am pondering how I managed to ever get out of high school (let alone graduate school) without truly learning the parts of speech.

We have a middle schooler in our house and suddenly MY every free moment is consumed with homework. I don't recall how long I spent doing homework in middle school, but I bet you it wasn't anywhere near the 3 to 4 hours PER NIGHT we are averaging here. We have homework in nearly every subject, and not just a simple worksheet, but pages of responses. Math requires showing your work for every problem, even ones you can work in your head (my personal pet peeve: making the children write the formula for every problem and then solving it, even when it is the SAME FORMULA for all 30 questions!). Analogies in language arts class had me in cold SAT-sweats. Prescient is to omniscient This weekend we are discussing free trade for social studies and there is a leaf project to be completed. Oh and that cello. Someone needs to practice that!

So when it came to the trade off between scouring for grocery deals and helping my 10 year old not have a nervous breakdown over helping verbs, the kid won out. I can tell you right now Jewel is running a spend $10 get $3 back instantly sale which is best explained over at I'm sure.

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