Tuesday, December 29, 2009

50 cent compact florescent bulbs at Walmart

Woo hoo!

Walmart, in conjunction with ComEd (our power company) is offering 50c compact florescent bulbs in 60/75/100 watts on roll back pricing (mean not a sale but new price point). I grabbed all the 100 watts I could find. They are normally $3 EACH.

The only problem occurred when we tried to check out. What a nightmare! The checker rang them up and they scanned 97c each. I told him they were on rollback for 50c each. He tells me "show me" and proceeds to leave his register and have me take him to the spot in the store, telling me he is much faster than calling for the department manager to price check.

So we get to the shelf and I show him the huge display and the even larger sign clearly stating 50c each.

He tells me: that can't be right. That price is too low.

Me: well it's not my sign, it's Walmart's sign.

We proceed back the the checkout where he calls the store manager.

And we wait and wait and wait for her.

Meanwhile people are stacking up behind us in line and the checker is getting more and more anxious. When the manager comes over he tells her she needs to suspend the transaction so he can check out more people since there is no way this is the right price. What people? What about US people? Does he have a QUOTA or something?

Now we're standing there while these two argue with each other about whether or not she should suspend the transaction or void it all out. At this point I say look, the sign says they're 50 cents. There is NO OTHER PRICE ON THE SIGN.

So nimrod decides to call for a price check and starts to ring up the next person in line!

So the lady comes over from Hardware and says "these aren't my department." My husband says let's go and look together anyway, since obviously the fact that the checker SAW THE PRICE WITH HIS OWN EYES wasn't good enough. Off they go together.

Two minutes later they are back, with the Hardware lady saying yup, they are 50 cents each.

So what does the checker do? He completely stops checking out the person in his line. She is literally with her checkbook in hand ready to pay for her order when he stops her completely, suspends her transaction, and takes out EVERY ITEM IN OUR BAG and RE RINGS them all.

Everyone in line is speechless! The manager comes over and they start to bicker with each other again. He's scanning and scanning and keying in things and he turns to me and says we need to pay.

I say: I'm not paying anything until you show me the receipt of what you rang up. Remember, he has two people's purchases now all over the belt, bags and floor.

After fifteen minutes, and a void, we finally pay and get out.


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Elizabeth Akre said...

This really illustrates perfectly my perception of Wal-Mart and all that that implies!


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