Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Snagged a few deals today

So the snow didn't get as bad as we thought, so I ran out at lunch.

Sorry for such a blurry shot! I was really happy to snag these 25 cans of Gillette for FREE (paid only tax + $3 for the coupons). Jewel has Gillette on sale for $1 a can until 12/15. I bought 25 Gillette coupons for $1 off from Thanks to for cluing me in to this deal.

There is also a catalina deal running at Jewel through GM. Spend $15 and get $5 back. The boxed shoepeg corn is on sale for $1 a box with preferred card. As you all know, the spend $15 isn't off the sale price but the shelf price of $2.30 a box. So 7 boxes hits me above $15 and $5 coupon prints. Paid $7 got $5, so only $2 for 7 boxes. I'd have bought more but these are the only boxed ones I like, and frankly the freezer is pretty full. I did grab some fresh asparagus, honey crisp apples, carrots just so you know we're not serving shaving cream with a side of corn for dinner tonight!

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