Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I sing the praises of a clean toilet

I have hard water build up and I am not afraid to admit it.

I'm on a well, and I have a softener. Alas the people who lived here before me did not quite understand that a softener does no good if you don't keep salt in it. As in all the time.

So I moved in to a ring of hard crud around my toilet water and sink drains and faucets. It looked terrible. WE ARE CLEAN PEOPLE! How would we explain this to all our friends and neighbors who undoubtedly would comment under their breath at Bunco (Did you SEE that RING? Slobs!)

OK, I'm being dramatic.

I tried everything to get the crud off. I tried acid. I tried CLR. I tried LimeAway. I nearly gassed myself and nothing did the trick. Then I was reading a tile forum (as one is wont to do) and read about someone using a Pumie to scrub the deposits away.

I ran out to buy a Pumie.

No I didn't. I used the one under the bathroom cabinet that my husband uses to scrub his hard heels (shhhh!)

And scrub I did. It was amazing. The crud went away. It just ERASED from the porcelain. I ran around the house like a mad housewife with rubber gloves and a pumice stone looking for hard water stains.

Perhaps the makers of Pumie will read this blog and decided to hire me. Or send me a case of Pumies because I love them.

Luv them.

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