Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Who was I kidding?

Blog from Washington DC? Ha!  I logged 18 miles of walking over 8 days, and was dead tired!

I have lots to post and share, but it will have to wait a bit till I get settled back in. Suffice it to say that over 8 days we managed to see:

The National Air and Space museum
The National American Indian museum
The Hirshorn Modern Art museum
The US Sculpture Gardens
The National Gallery
The Natural History museum
The Library of Congress
The US Capital
The White House
The Senate (including John McCain, John Kerry, Al Frankin, Roland Burris, Dick Durbin, Joe Leiberman)
The House of Represenatives
The National Zoo
The US Botanic Gardens
The American History museum
The Mall
The Washington Monument
Mount Vernon

Did I forget anything? Probably! I saw an awful lot of the DC Metra, that's for sure!

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Let's Find H-Man A Wife said...

But alas no ride on the H-man boat


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