Thursday, January 21, 2010

Free Nivea bodywash at Target

I wanted to share that I did actually do this deal. And when I got home, I discovered that the clerk, who was an older guy and not really paying much attention, actually put back all my coupons back in the bag with my body wash. I have a feeling he thought once he scanned them they weren't able to be used anymore! He did keep my raincheck. He kept saying "I can't believe you are getting these for free!" I tried the orange scented wash, and to be honest, it's just OK. It has a strange consistancy, more like lotion than soap, and it doesn't suds that well, which is unusual. I had to check it again to make SURE it was body wash and not skin lotion. Technically I could go back and get two more bottles for 99 cents each, but I didn't like them enough to bother.

There probably won't be a bottle left by the time I get there, so ya'll get out and go go go.

$2.99 Nivea wash

-$2/1 Nivea bodywash (from the 1/3 insert)
-Printable Target $1/1 coupon (go here)

= FREE (tax only)

REMEMBER: it is Target's POLICY to take ONE manufacturer's coupon AND ONE Target coupon per item.

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