Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ha Ha you know your blog has few visitors...

when you try to give away something and you have to email people to sign up for the contest!


I was over at and she was giving away two coupons for free GM cereal she got from MyBlogpsark. She had at last count over 90 people begging for these. I got the same coupons for free from the same place (they sent me and her both 4 as well as everyone else on their list).

I wonder if people just prefer cereal to El Paso.

That's what I'll keep telling myself!



Queen said...

i like el paso :)

noahs mom said...

I personally do prefer cereal to el paso. If your gonna give away free cereal just let me know!!!

monica said...

don't get discouraged! it takes a while to build a following!!

nicole from ohio said...

salsa is almost fat and calorie free so I prefer that over cereal chips and salsa. we wont discuss the fat and calories in the chips!!

rachel said...

I'll trade you cereal for Old El Paso! ;)


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