Saturday, January 30, 2010

FREE sample of Redken

Thanks Mashupmom!

I never buy salon hair products EXCEPT for conditioners for my daugher (and her nearly three feet of long, thin, tangle-prone hair). They say save your money on salon shampoos and once and a while splurge on the pricey conditioner which is generally really high quality (try Sally's Beauty supply or coupon your heart out at CVS where you can get some pricey ones for a steal!).  I never pay for shampoo since I am sitting on over a year's supply right now I not only got for free but MADE MONEY ON via couponing.

Get your free samples here:


Anonymous said...

And I always am so proud of getting shampoo for less than a dollar at the Dollar General Store. Bet you never even pay anything!

Marie said...

There was such a good deal on Dove shampoo over the summer last year that I bought something like 20 bottles. I don't remember the specifics now but it went something like buy 5 bottles for free and get $6 back. It was a double dip catalina. People were going crazy. They were paying me to take it home!


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