Tuesday, September 21, 2010

French? Spanish? Que?

My DD 11 is taking French as a 7th grader. I speak French, French major, lived in France, but am not a native speaker. I do just fine, thank you. My MIL speaks French, same boat. So it was natural she took French. I also speak Brazilian Portguese (lived and worked there) which I learned in grad school (it's not hard to learn after French!). And my Spanish is limited to butchered Portguese-Spanish combos and what I affectionately call "landscaping Spanish." Donde esta el mulch?

Forgive me.

Met some old neighbors who have put their foot down on languages. Spanish ONLY. No one speaks French, Spanish taking over etc etc. You all know it. We don't have another choice except for German. They practically were aghast anyone would take French (or German).

So do you think Spanish is really the way to go? I figure what difference does it make, learn one learn the next one. I did.

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