Thursday, September 16, 2010

What the hell happened to your yard?

Remember when?

I'm saving these for forensic evidence

We used to have grass.
Now we have mud

And holes

And trenches

And mounds of clay

oh they think it's fun. Perhaps they think we are putting in a pool?
That quote comes directly from the mouth of a landscape contractor upon surveying the dismal state of my yard. Technically, they call it "lawn restoration" although at this point it looks less likely to be restored as it does to be replaced.

The guy could not believe the mess. At one point he asked my husband if he'd finished paying the contractor for the job. My husband replied we hadn't paid him any money yet. Then the landscaper asked how much we were going to pay, then stopped my husband and said no no let me tell you how much * I * would have charged to dig this drainage and you can tell me if you got a good deal.

His price: $7,000- $9,000

We are paying $2000.

He could not believe this, saying but this guy must be losing money!  
Maybe he is, but it's his money to lose.

Oh and we got the landscapers verbal quote just this morning on our phone. He wouldn't send anything in writing (strange!) and it was $3,200!  For one day's work and a guy with a bobcat.

Even at that price (and we have two other quotes coming), we are still cheaper than his price to do the entire job.

Meanwhile, it's raining. It's muddy. And I would like my yard back.

At least the front still looks nice.


Weekend Cowgirl said...

And right before winter...ugh!

Weekend Cowgirl said...

And right before winter...ugh!


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