Saturday, March 14, 2009


I used to think catalina was a type of salad dressing....

Just a quickie to share my glee...I participated in my first grocery "catalina" today. Apparently a catalina is that little coupon machine that spits out register coupons at the check out. This was a deal on cheese I learned online. Kraft was running a special if you bought so much, you got $10 back, and if you bought X number of packages, you got another cash coupon back.

It went like this:

7 bags of shredded Kraft cheese (regular price = $4 x 7= $28)
On sale, it was 2 for 4, so I spent $14 ($2 x 7)
Jewel grocery/Kraft catalina required me to spend $25 (regular price) so I was covered, even though the cheese was on sale
Since I bought 4+ bags, I got an additional $3 coupon

total cost for 7 bags of cheese: $14
total coupons received from grocery store: $13 (good for ANY groceries, not just cheese and no min purchase
Total out of pocket: $1

I could have bought 35 bags of cheese for $5 and gotten $50 off my grocery bill (assuming 5 separate transactions at 7 bags each) and donated them to a food bank if I knew one near here that took perishables.

Slightly crazy I know. But simple and hey CHEAP. By the way, am freezing the cheese....


Creative Life Studio said...

Nicely done! :)

Where do you find out about catalinas? Do you need to sign up somewhere or is it just in participating grocery stores?

Marie said...

They are advertised in the store papers and I find out about them on the blogs I have linked at left. The catalinas are tied to stores, so you need to find a blog that covers what are in your areas. Start with She has a lot on her site and I know she has Publix as she is in Tampa.

Marie said...

This site, scroll way down, tracks Pulbix coupons and sales via bloggers:


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