Monday, March 16, 2009

More fun with coupons

As I mentioned in my last post, I'd racked up $13 in Jewel grocery free on your next purchase rewards for spending $14 on cheese (yes, cheese). This time I took advantage of another Jewel catalina sale. Spend $25 on Nabisco products and get $10 off your next Jewel purchase. Here's how it transpired:

4 boxes Wheat Thins (reg. price $4.15) = $16.60

2 boxes of 10 count Nabisco low calorie snack crackers (reg. price $7.25) = $14.50

Total before sale prices and coupons: $31.10

Sale price for above: $21

Coupons: $2

Spend $19 oop and got $10 back

= $9

If I had started collecting coupons earlier this year I could have saved more. With Easter coming, guest and kids snacks for school, this was a deal.

Combining coupons, register rebates, and store sales I save $54.62 off my grocery bill. That's a 37% savings. Sweet!

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