Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Goodwill Hunting

A few deals today to share:

Batter's helmet with facemask. Like new. Goodwill: $1.99 (new in Walmart = $20!) William starts baseball next month and this will be a good thing to have.

Decorator topiaries. Nice quality. Goodwill: $2.99 each
Baseball card protector sleeves (going to use them for storing my coupons). Goodwill: $0.99

I thought I'd scored a Trapper Keeper (do you all remember THOSE??) but alas it was not to be.

I went on the way home from work and signed up in store for the ECB card (it's their loyalty care). I used it right away. Colgate toothbrushes free after store coupon (I got a coupon for $2.99 off my next purchase). Turned around and used it in a second transation to buy cub scout treats (on sale and with coupon). Used my ECB discount= free

My husband remarked tonight that I am shopping in stores that I have never shopped in before and isn't that exactly what these stores want? I reminded him that if these stores wanted me to shop there for 50-100% off their items, they needed a new marketing strategy. I'm not spending more money with them, I'm spending less!

Pretty good deal considering my governor announced state income tax increases that will hit us to the tune of $2,000 more next year. Great.

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