Saturday, March 21, 2009

Jewel Catalinas still rolling in

I managed to save 55% on my grocery bill today and took part in yet another Jewel/Kraft foods catalina deal.

I bought 5 packs of string cheese (expire June 09) for $15 and got back $13 in Kraft catalinas towards my next purchase. Kraft 2% string is on sale for 2/$6 (reg. price is $5+ per pack) so I didn't need to spend the $25 out of pocket to get the $10 in coupons (plus $3 more for buying 4 packs of cheese).

Suave conditioners and shampoos and 2 in 1 shampoos are all on sale for $1.66 at Jewel. I used a $1/2 and a $1.75/3.

By coordinating my coupons with sales and BOGO offers (Fischer nuts, for example) I was amazed at what I saved. I LOVE peanuts and they were $3.79 something BOGO and I had 4 $1 off coupons (3/15 SS) so ended up with 4 containers of dry roasted and honey roasted nuts for $0.90 each!


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CarolinaMomOf5 said...

This is a great blog, Marie! I am super impressed with your coupon strategies and cost-cutting tactics, like the homemade detergent. Can you use that in a front-load washer? I used to do pretty well with shopping sales combined with coupons, but in the last few years, I have really fallen down in that area. I found that most of the coupons in newspapers were for products I don't use so I was spending as much or more on the newspaper as I was saving with the coupons. Then I got bad at planning menus based on what was on sale at the grocery stores and was running to the store several times a week, planning meals while I was there. Bad, bad habit! Now my strategy is buy meat in bulk on sale and keep in the freezer in the garage. Shop sales for cereal, fruit, milk, etc. and buy everything else at Wal Mart. It helps, but I need to do better, especially in the current economy. You have really motivated me! Thanks!


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