Friday, March 27, 2009


After three and a half years I'm finally getting around to working on the guest room.

I don't know about you, but we have very few guests each year since our inlaws live far out of state, and so I lacked any real motivation to paint or decorate this unused room. Part of the problem was simply not having any vision for what I wanted it to become. It's a large room, about 12 x 14 and has its own full bath and lots of windows. It has no furniture really, just a bed on a frame, a wooden rocking chair and some cast off furnishings from our old house when we had a formal living room (I needed someplace for the 30" skirted table with glass top!)

Did I mention the room is painted bright pink? No, seriously, you aren't picturing pink enough. Let me help you:

Pretty inviting guest space, isn't it? Makes you want to stay awhile--provided you are medicated enough.

I decided to get motivated and have it painted (though apparently not motivated enough to paint it myself!). As soon as the painter mentioned his friend the trim carpenter this inspired me to add crown molding to the room because, hey, while I'm stimulating the economy...

This week the trim guys came and the painters are even still here. Because what started as one pink room became triple crown molding, doors, floor trim and then somehow spread beyond the pink room into my son's room and there morphed into repairing corner beads and repainting and, oh yes, FAUX FINISH.

It's the paint fumes. I promise.

So it's almost done. I did buy bedding ( to match the new room:

Yes, the bed is full size, not queen. I have read and read this is a travesty when it comes to guest rooms, but I will be honest with you: I am not spending $500-$700 on an entirely new mattress set for a room that sees occupants twice per year. I figure one day Catherine can have this room to herself and a full with be big enough.

So do you want a sneak peak?

(It looks like the painters took a nap in his bed--no, it will look better when it is all decorated again).
My inlaws arrive in two weeks. I hope they like the new room. I still need to get:
  • A headboard
  • A dresser
  • Curtains
  • Art for the walls
  • A decorating chromosome that will allow all this to come together

At least it isn't pink!

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