Friday, June 19, 2009

Back from Camping

I am just grateful that it was a single night of camping because at about 2am, in the freezing cold, taking my son to the bathroom in the dark, I was THIS close to climbing into the minivan and going HOME.

The kids, of course, were having a blast. I'd remembered to pack their inflatable mattresses and plenty of blankets. They adored their tent and watched movies in ours courtesy of electricity at the campsite and the laptop we brought with a stash of movies. Earlier in the day there had been a cookout and lots of kids and food and conversation.

But now it was 2am. I'd forgotten to bring our air mattress and enough extra blankets in our rush to leave on time. I was sleeping on the hard ground, it was 50 degrees outside and inside. Twenty feet away were three RV's with their heat pumps running all night long. I can only describe it as the sound of tennis shoes in the dryer. All night. All night. All night.

I thought I would lose my mind.

By 5am I was awake again with the sun. By 9am I was actually out and brushing my teeth in the back of my car. I felt strangely like a homeless person. It was weird brushing your teeth in public.

I wanted to take a hot shower, several Tylenol and eat. But breakfast had long packed up (how did these scout parents get up, eat and out of the camp so quickly??). We decided to take a walk instead, since it was sunny and warm. By noon we were packed, in the car, and heading home. I took a 4 hour nap that afternoon and was feeling normal again by dinner time.

The next time we go camping I'm renting an RV.

The cub scout cookout

Making smores

The "street" we camped on.

Very nice, very clean, very warm toilets and showers

The lake by the campsite. No swimming though, which is a bummer.

Home sweet home

It was at this point I realized I'd left our air mattress in the laundry room.

They had a great time.

Thankfully the tents were easy to set up. We'd practiced at home.

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