Friday, June 26, 2009

Crazy savings

I ran out tonight and got all of this, plus 4 more yogurt for making smoothies with all the strawberries my son picked at the farm the other day.

Shelf price was $70 and I paid around $9.

I also got 4 $10 OYNO of $160 (thought I rarely ever spend that kind of money on groceries in a week). It was just fun to watch the reaction of the trainee cashier as the machine started spitting out $10 off my next order coupons after each transaction. That was priceless!

All the puddings go to the church food pantry (they were free anyway).

**UPDATED** My children apparently don't like smoothies. Who knew? Strawberries, vanilla yogurt, some milk...what's not to love? Well, you live and learn. And I learned especially that I am going to be living on Dannon Activa Vanilla smoothies for the next 30 days....but you will all envy my digestive health...I hope!


Audrey said...

We buy the Activa yogurt (vanilla). My girls wanted to buy the fancy yogurt with the toppings in the plastic container on the top. Instead, I buy the vanilla Activa and let them chose the baking sprinkles. They choose sprinkles (some days are definitely pink sparkly days, others are blue sugar days) and customize their yogurt. Now the problem is keeping the yogurt in the house!


Marie said...

I've been making so many smoothies that I think I'm going to be ill!! I must have the only kids who don't eat yogurt even with sprinkles on it.

Of course these are the same children who do not like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!


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