Monday, September 14, 2009


From the genius Tamias, Greek for "Storing"

Or is it for "Super cutie?"

Cause I got me some chipmonks and all I want to do is pet them and give them kisses.

Ok seriously don't pet and kiss them but BY GOLLY they are the cutest little rodents in town. There are three of them (I think) running around my front yard. I found their little burrow outside my office window. I give them handfuls and HANDFULS of sunflower seeds, popcorns seeds, Saltines with peanut butter...

I wonder why I don't have 300 chipmonks?

And the cutest thing is that when my daughter plays her cello (also in my office), this one chipmonk comes out and sits on the front step and cocks its ears and listens. I SWEAR to you!

We call him "Chippy."

Ok, we call them ALL "Chippy."

A cute, little, fluffy chipmonk spinning and eating a Saltine cracker like a Lazy Susan listening to classical music from a cello.

I half expect it to send in requests one day....


Anonymous said...

Just wait till Chippy starts eating all of your roots from your flowers and you don't know why they are not coming up in the spring....
I had lots of Chippy's at my condo in Greenville and they loved to eat the roots of my hostas!

Marie said...

I'm not worried. I don't have hostas! Actually, we've always had chipmonks around our house and they've never been a nuisance before. Mostly I have shrubs which they don't bother (other than eat the berries of the evergreens).


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