Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Three $5 off $25 CVS purchase coupons!!

Thanks to Common Sense with Money who writes:

Great news CVS shoppers! Remember the $5/$25 CVS coupon I shared with you last week? You took a quiz and had access to this coupon. Unfortunately the coupon was one time use only due to it’s unique bar code. Well, there are actually three $5 off $25 CVS purchase coupons you can have access to now. There are three different links available to take this quizz and each of these links prints a different CVS coupon with a different and unique barcode.

$5/$25 #1
$5/$25 #2 (this is the link I shared with you previously)
$5/$25 #3

If you had already printed the coupon from the link I had already shared, try the other two links for two new coupons. You should be able to use each of these coupons once per card.

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