Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Slow.....at Jewel

I've been quiet because the deals lately don't inspire me. I did grab the Pepperdige Farms cookies and Goldfish crackers for pennies a bag, but other than that, oh and soup, I've not been bothered.

Unlike a lot of Jewel-junkies, I don't live "close" to the store. My Jewel is a planned trip, not a run by convenience, here in suburbia. I can get to a horse quicker than a Jewel (seriously!).

In other exciting news, I found a recipe for canning apple sauce that I am going to try out this weekend + post pics. That way those in the know about canning (not me) can point out where and how I am giving my family botulism from poorly preserved fruit (no, just kidding--however please do post if you see something sorely amiss. I'm praying the folks at Ball Canning, makers of the canning jars where I got the receipe, know a thing or two about canning).

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