Saturday, September 12, 2009

My morning

It was one of those mornings here, so strange that I wanted to share.

I do volunteer work for Delta Gamma Fraternity (a sorority). I am the lead person for their database software program used by alumnae chapters to track membership, make directories etc. All summer long I've been running a series of database training webinars from my home for the other DG alumnae across the country. After 3 of these hour-long webinars, I could almost give them in my sleep.

Perhaps that is why this morning I decided to give one in my bathrobe. I mean, no one can see me, right? John took the kids to swimming lessons and I had the house to myself.

The foreshadowing couldn't be more obvious!

The moment I was about to get on the computer/phone, the doorbell rang. I can see the front door from my office. Someone is standing there and he isn't leaving. I don't know who he is. I am about to get on a call with 27 women and I am the sole presenter.

I quickly tell the attendees that someone has come to the door. I excuse myself for 2 minutes. It is the mason, here, unannounced, to inspect some work. We DESPARATELY need to get this work done. I don't really want him to leave but good lord man, I'm in my jammies looking like I have rolled out of bed.

Which I have.

He doesn't speak much English. My Spanish for masonry terms is not up to snuff. I wave wildly toward the back of the house in some sort of vague over there way and run inside.

I get back on the phone. Mason leaves (I see his truck drive off). Ten minutes later he's back, with the general contractor. Now I have two of them, wandering around the outside of the house, me in a robe and fully visible from where they are inspecting.

Finally after ten more minutes they leave. Frightened I am sure by the crazy woman in a tattered white bathrobe, hair standing on end, WEARING A GIANT HEADSET AND MICROPHONE.

You know, this kind:

The mason showed up with a print out of Google maps of my address. A lot of people can't find our house. I have a feeling the mason will have no problems from now on.

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