Saturday, September 5, 2009

Progresso soups at Jewel

I posted below a bunch of Progresso soups at Jewel which are on the General Mills spend $20 get $5 deal.

I noticed today that MANY of the traditional (if not all) are on price reduction for $1.89 a can and preferred for $1.67. The spread here isn't attractive enough for me. Instead I did 7 cans of the LIGHT soups (ring price is $2.89 and preferred is $1.67).
7 x $2.89= $20.06 (about as close as you're going to get to hit $20) = $11.67

minus 2 x 1.10/3 printable from

minus $2 for taking the survey last time

= $7.47

Got $5 cat

= 35 cents per can
I thought this was an excellent deal for soup.

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