Tuesday, January 19, 2010

FREE J&J soap

I was lucky enought to convince my co workers to give me their coupon inserts and snagged 3 $1/1 J&J baby item products. I saw over at Mashupmom that she was able to get free J&J Buddies soap at Target with those. I drove by their the other day and had my coupons (keep them in the car!) and snagged three free soaps myself. It was fun!  In fact, the soaps were 97cents and the q's were $1/1 so I got a few pennies overage towards the birthday card I was buying.

The kids love the smell of the soap. I'm waiting to see if DS with his sensitive skin has any reaction to them before I consider buying some more $1/1 q's off ebay and snagging a few dozen more.


Josette said...

wasn't in the Columbia sc insert.

Anonymous said...

I need to get on the stick. You get so many great things! I would love to see your panty and storage cabinets!!


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