Friday, January 8, 2010

I have LOTS of yogurt right now

Whether or not my lower intestines will forgive me or rejoice is a matter yet to behold, however I do have enough yogurt with "live lacto basillius" to start my on lab.

I ran after cello lessons with the kids to grab groceries for the weekend and next week. I snagged the last 5 Yoplait Fiber One 4 pack yogurts, a Yoplus Lite 4 pack and a Fiber One snack bar pack for my son's school snacks last week. He really likes the low cal snack bars but it's hard to find ones that don't have almonds or other tree nuts in them.

I used 5 $1.35/1 qs I have had from Vocalpoint for forever, and a free Fiber One Yoplait coupon. I spent $2.24 before taxes and got a $5 off my next order coupon.

That's about all I'm going to do on this GM deal for Jewel. I just don't have anything I really need right now, and it is so cold I'd rather not go outside!


nicole from ohio said...

I love yougurt as well usually I buy yoplait. I will try these next time. thanks

Marie said...

I take these to work with me for a snack during the day. I like them, though they are somewhat small.

josette said...

try the ones that look like parfaits. the yellow one tastes like lemon meringue pudding


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