Thursday, February 4, 2010

Art Lessons

My daughter is an avid artist. She has loved to draw and paint and doodle since I can remember (she also likes to collect rocks, but we'll save that for another post). Over the years we've encouraged her art by entering her projects from school into the local county fair. The first year she won a blue ribbon. The next year she won best in show.

Can you see how proud mommy is?

And so this year we decided to try art classes at a local art school. I've driven by this place for years and never paid it much attention to it. I read on the website that it is a real, honest to goodness art studio, with professional artists on staff. There were classes for kids her age. I signed her up.

Each class meets weekly for two hours. The first two classes focused on pencil sketches, shapes, shading etc. She produced these:

Then came lots of pastels. Everywhere.

She made a lovely vase. Freehand.

And finally this hummingbird came home this week.

My old school friend Nicole is a lovely artist.  I hope the my daughter continues to take lessons and enjoy art. Maybe someday will encourage her brother to take them, too.

He's got his own little collection of ribbons going, but mostly he just likes his Wii.

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Weekend Cowgirl said...

Oh my, she is really good! I mean she can sell her art now! I love the kitty picture. She could start now and pay for college! If she ever decides to set up art business I will be in line to order a cat!


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